mini milers

Goal Race:  BARROW BOOGIE FUN RUN (or 5k)
Location:  Barrow Elementary
Day and Time: program will begin January 14th
Cost - $50

Information Meeting - TBA 

The goal of Mini Milers is to promote the activity of running through fun, dynamic running-related games and exercises. We want to help your children increase their respective levels of endurance by working up to a consistent regimen of running by the end of the program. Parents are welcome and encouraged to participate in No Boundaries 5k Training which will be going on simultaneously!

AGES 6 - 12!

Volunteer Coaches Wanted! • Pacers, sweepers, and helpers for each of the 3 groups (9 or more) • Snack coordinator and volunteers for after-practice snacks (typically fruit like bananas or apples) • Leader(s) for cool down stretches • Cheer-Leaders (no pom-poms required)

Groups - In order to meet the individual needs of your children, we ask that you please review the following groups. We will determine the group that best suits your child on the first day of practice.

We view our running program as a starting point for your child and will shift your child to another group if he or she is misplaced. We have purposefully avoided categorizing your children by age; instead, we’ve created three fun groups that we hope will suit your children’s needs based on their varying degrees of development.

Gazelle - Children who need frequent walking breaks while running or exercising. This child is able to sustain a running pace for less than 90 seconds without stopping. Typical practice for a young Springbok will consist of running-related games, relays, and activities that allow for frequent walking and water breaks. Our goal for this group is to increase the length of time we can run without needing a walking break.

Jackrabbit - Children who are able to run for 2 minutes or more without needing a walking break. Typical practice for a young Jackrabbit will consist of a variety of running workouts that will be geared toward increasing your child’s endurance so that he or she will be able to run between 1 and 2 miles without needing a walking break.

Typical Practice • Warm up of easy jogging, dynamic exercises and stretches • Short talk (topics are typically running-related, pertaining to the activity for that particular day) • Split into groups for roughly 20 minutes of exercise • Cool down including light stretches • Water provided, Snack organized with parent-volunteers


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